Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hey woah, Bobbi!

(This title just looks weird unless you have seen Kiss Shreds...)

Yet another Bobbi Brown post, I am officially in love with this brand and after a week of testing with the new make up - I am very impressed. Next month I am going to buy the extreme mascara and long wear gel eyeliner. And also, the Bobbi Brown Beach perfume. When I read reviews of this it sounded like it would smell like suncream and so I was desperate to give it a try (I LOVE the smell of sun cream). When I tried it it was disappointing at first, it smelled like old ladies. But then when I left the shop and walked around town with it on I kept getting whiffs of it and grew to absolutely love it. So it is added to the list, give it a try.

Also - another brand I'm loving at the moment is the Yankee Candle company. They make loads of candles in a million different smells, they're so good. We bought the Sun and Sand candle for our new bathroom and... it smells like Bobbi Brown Beach. WIN.

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