Sunday, 31 October 2010

You could be my flamingo

So last night was pretty much Halloween - after ditching a potential party idea where I was going to go in a skeleton printed all-in-one with a skull mask (which I have held on to, I'm SURE I will wear that baby at some point :P) I went out for a dinner and scary movie night with the man. I jumped so much at one point during Paranormal Activity 2 (cupboards, that's all I need to say) that I pulled a muscle in my leg - and walked out of the cinema with a limp! 

Anyway - I barely ever wear pink. I don't even feel very comfortable in dresses nowadays - can't really do the girly thing at the moment! But I bought this pink sweater yesterday to bring some more cute-ness into my wardrobe. Wore it out for date night and added a little homage to Halloween with some skulls <3

Skull knuckle duster - McQueen

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