Sunday, 3 October 2010

my space

Just a little peek inside my little room. I've been back at home for a year after having my own house for three, I really miss the space so I pay a lot of attention to the little details in my small space to make it my own. 

I love vintage photos and these frames were just perfect for them. The frame is from M&S.

My mini Harley

My love for animal prints and sequins extends to my room as well as my wardrobe. This is the comfiest throw ever. 

This champagne has been here for nearly a year... just waiting for the right excuse to crack it open. So for now it can be used as a door stop...

Few vinyls from my (very small) collection

And the jumbled Narnia tiny room in the wall that is my closet. You can stand up in here and get lost at the back.

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