Saturday, 16 October 2010



Finally Alter Bridge's third album, simply titled ABIII, is out. Having been a massive fan since their earlier days I have been anticipating the release for a long time and I'm not disappointed! I had read in interviews prior to the release that the third album was supposed to be a lot 'darker' than their previous stuff - it isss, but it's classic Alter Bridge - which is never a bad thing. Highlights for me so far (bound to change once I have listened to the album a lot more) are 'Show Me A Sign' (awesome riff and so Tremonti sounding that you would know it's Alter Bridge within the first five bars) Wonderful Life (typical AB ballad but I love it, despite the cheesy lyrics), All Hope Is Gone and Life Must Go On (beautiful acoustic part at the beginning). Slip To The Void is the perfect opener to the album with some awesome shreds. 

Going to see them again next week - sold out show at the Hammersmith Apollo wt! So glad that they're getting the success they deserve (probably owing a lot to Myles' stint with Slash - which was amazing) but I do miss the old days back in 05/6 when they played the small venues and we could stand at the front bar (and get a a ticket..) Can't wait to see them play a big venue. 

Oh yeah, I also think Myles is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen...

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