Sunday, 24 October 2010

fun n frolics

Complete lack of updates this week, have the worst internet connection at the moment. I'm having to sit with my laptop hooked up the router so internet sessions have been short and not often. 

Alter Bridge were a-ma-zing as always on Friday. They didn't play my two favourite songs from the new album but it was still awesome, great sound and atmosphere - I just love the atmosphere at gigs. Feel completely in my element. 

Tube times with the man, the new fringed jacket has crept its way into this pic.

And on Saturday Froucy and I hit up the most amazing fancy dress store to find stuff for the Alice Cooper gig. One of the funniest, if not morbid, moments was Froucy coming up to me and saying "When I die, can you please get me a glittery headstone? Hang on - I'll go grab it"...."see, and it's only a tenner! I'll make sure I put that aside in my will."

And here it is...

Saturday night was lots of fun spent eating Chinese takeaway with my guy's family, watching x-factor and ranting over the bad outfits and slaughtering of Led Zeppelin. 

I don't want the weekend to end. 

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