Sunday, 3 October 2010

Live like a Cavewoman

For some reason I wasn't my usual negative self this week - it's like someone spiked my drink with a happy pill. I think the fact things had calmed down on the stress front at work really really helped, but I had a really positive week. And, unusually, I got to catch up with so many friends on three occasions. So I don't have my usual Sunday night blues - it feels good! I only hope it lasts..

Anyway, in order to try and retain this new-found positivity I'm going to try being a Cavewoman. Haha, no not literally. I read a very interested article in Glamour magazine about how if women who suffer from anxiety, stress and fatigue would only live like the Cave-folk did then they would all be happier and healthier. Read about it all in the article here. It's pretty obvious stuff like not eating hydrogenated foods, loads of sugar and caffeine, getting exercise and actually going out and seeing people - but I need to start doing all of these things and plus - I like the cavewoman spin! Let's see if it works, and lasts!

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