Monday, 2 August 2010

Sonisphere 2010

Second, and probably last festival of the year. Fan-bloody-tastic. Despite the fact I woke up on the Friday morning with some kind of tummy bug and felt the whole weekend feeling sick (thanks fate, would have to happen when I actually have some time off work to have some fun and actually have time to do something!)

Anyway, the highlights of the weekend were Alice Cooper and his crazy on stage antics, sitting on a random guy's shoulders for 'I'm Eighteen', wicked sets from friends bands Sylosis and Rinoa, Swiftcover jokes at Iggy Pop and best of all the ever fabulous Motley Crue who I now love even more than I did before. Read Nikki Sixx's Heroin Diaries recently so I was even more in awe of him when he came out on the stage. How he is still alive I just don't know! Great set, singing all the songs, loads of dancing and pre-show Motley Striping. Just great!

Now I'm back home with the familiar post-festival blues..

A few photos below (check out the one below, I did manage to get some boots straps!)

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Rich Hippie said...

Aaaa-mazing! I was lucky I survived pearl jam and I hope i can stay alive long enough to see Korn this october but to go to two major festivals in one year...knowing the way i party i would be dead hahaha.
Your pretty Godlike for surviving dude :)
Hey maybe I'll see you at Download next year, ill be the pathetic little girl that had a bit to much to drink and is being hald from one stage to the other