Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Bit o' Humble Pie

I really find that dancing around, alone, is like the best cure for stress ever . Seriously, it's the best. Got a fun rest of the week planned (well besides the daily slog up to the city ha), so i've been hunting around in my wardrobe full of goodies (it really is full of goodies, I never realised I have so many crazy things to wear) for some new things to wear this week. For tomorrow night I have dug out my GOLD heeled ankle boots. Yes they are hideous, well probably to everyone else but I love hideous, they make me think of Ziggy Stardust. 

Discovered something today that would be just perrrfect for me, that I probably stand no chance of achieving but along with other recent discussions could, eventually, make things fall into place. Fingers and toes, fingers and toes!

Ohh I may have to have a blood test, this makes me sad :(.  

My crazy-dancing-around soundtrack for this evening:

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