Monday, 16 August 2010

Could do a vom over this...

So last night I get into bed to read the special Jimi Hendrix special in the latest copy of NME. Now I have never bought NME because, as is probably obvious, I am not really into new music and I also find trendy indie music and the people in that scene kind of irritating. But the Jimi special enticed me. So I had a gloss over while I was drifting off and then saw an article that woke me right up - 

The greatest guitarist of all time as voted by NME readers..... some guy from the fucking HORRORS!

I was appalled. And this increased my disliked for the 'new music' scene and it's followers even more - what on earth? To be fair I have never even listened to the Horrors but I could guarantee you that the floppy straightened haired fellow on the page does not deserve to even be there, let alone number 1!

Just to highlight the atrocity - Jimi was 4th, Slash was 8th, Brian May was 14th and beloved Keef was 15th.... I have no more to say on the matter....

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