Thursday, 12 August 2010


What a great choice of title eh? Would you believe it - this post is about hair! Something that I have slowly ruined on my own head since I was about 14. The result is that I now have a thin, dry head of over processed hair that I disguise with hair extensions (many people are fooled mwahaha).

So even though I can't really do too much with my hair because I don't have a nice healthy mane to experiment with, I'm always lusting over hairstyles that I can dream of having. My current hair obsessions are two tone hair and... well obviously Freja Beha, like thousands of other women in the world.

Freja's hair is just lush. I love that it can either look so 70s/classic or it can look totally rock n roll. If I had this hair I wouldn't have the problem that I have of always looking girly, when generally I don't really dress girly - it would just work with everything.

Wouldn't mind her face either!

So massive roots are meant to be a big no-no, but when they have grown out to the point that they look like natural growth and have a two-tone look I think they look awesome! Drew's hair looks amazing here. This is something that I could realistically achieve, as her hair is already similar to mine here. But it would either take a great colourist or a good year or so to get roots like that. And so I start the hunt for a colourist who can work magic and re-create this!

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