Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The New House

So we're all settled in and I'm now sitting in the new little office room with some sweets and some Stones :).

Here are some pics from the new pad. We've had a lot of fun shopping for it, particularly when we got the star lamp. We couldn't find a suitable coffee table for the lounge so we tried my flight case and loved it, it also works really well with the rug we bought. So now we're on the hunt for a bigger one. We also went to a little gallery in Reading and found they had a Ronnie Wood exhibition on - I wished I had a grand to buy one but then Dad had the genius idea of just framing the print I liked in the brochure and voila!

The Ronnie Wood print in its framed glory. This is not intended to look like a shrine to Keith... it's a random shelf bit on the way down the stairs of my room - there will be many many more frames there in due course (without pictures of Keith in them!)

Amy's nicked Incubus billboard poster - greets you on your way up the stairs!


Vix said...

What a fab house, with so many cool rock references. Hope you'll be very happy! x

Lucia said...

what an adorable little home, looks like you have so many nice things there, lovvvve all the decor. also, how did i not know this before that you are the brains/creativity behind little wing?! amazing xx

Tom said...

Lovely that is so inviting. I love the wooden furnishings.

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Rich Hippie said...

i love the space and kudos to amy for taking the incubus poster, big fan
Ive got a new place to but i end up spending all my money on booze and shoes so whenever anyone comes around i tell them I'm going for a more minimalistic feel hahaha