Sunday, 6 November 2011

As blue as it gets

As much as at first I hate the dark evenings and winter nights, I do love winter nights out. Last night we went to see Larry Miller, he's an awesome blues/rock guitarist. The music was brilliant and as well as his own stuff he threw in Voodoo Chile, Rock and Roll and Whole Lotta Love which went down really well!

My videos take too long to upload so I've nicked one from Youtube. If he's ever in a town hear you I throughly recommend you go and see him - you'll have a great night. 

Went to have my roots done yesterday and decided to tone down the blonde - it was getting a bit too artificial so I went for a load of darker blonde lowlights. I feel like it's mousey now! But I think I always think changes to my hair are extreme when they're not actually much different. My hair extensions are like bleach ends now which is quite fun. Please excuse my tired eyes, I'm way too puffy at the moment!

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