Saturday, 26 November 2011

I wanna Frock and Roll all night

I love this time of year, I feel so Christmassy already - although money will be much tighter this year now I have rent and all that malarky to pay, but I have started my Christmas shopping already. Hoping to fill my diary with trips to Winter Wonderland and the Christmas set up at the garden centre (which my Mum, Sister, Granny and I do every year to buy a new decoration) and some festive Christmas shopping evenings.

As yesterday was pay day, and the first month that a majority of my income was swallowed up by rent and bills, I softened the blow and treated myself to something from an amazing little vintage shop near where I live (Reading) called Frock and Roll. It's full of really well picked and very reasonably priced vintage items. Unfortunately I wasn't slim enough for the circle skirt and lace prom dress I was lusting after but I did buy an oversized mens spotty shirt which will will be great to wear with simple jeans and a red lippy. Although I have cut the bottom of it because it was too long to stuff into my jean.s

It's great for statement dresses and fun 60s pieces - there was a pink shift dress with a feather trim around the collar that I loved, it made me think of a 60s housewife wearing little slip on mules - but then when would I really wear it! If you're ever down in Reading I strongly suggest you pay them a visit!

(I don't mean to look like a ridiculous poser)

I am full of cold this weekend so I plan to stay indoors, watch a lot of TV, cook some peppers and start the work on reviving Little Wing for Christmas..


AmyBell said...

This shop looks amazing! That shirt looks gorgeous on you xx

Princess and the pea x said...

Shop looks fab hun. Loving your spotted top totally gorge.

Get well soon drink lots of hot lemon and honey xoxo

frou said...

great shirt! carmen lives a couple doors down from that shop!

Nicole Leanne said...

That shirt looks gorgeous on you
Hope you feel better soon :) x