Monday, 24 October 2011

On the move For some reason I never manage to go to bed before 12, and that combined with working a late night event last week has seriously caught up with me. I feel (and look!) like SHIT! Which means I have been very lazy on the packing front for moving on Friday, but I made a feeble attempt this evening by starting with the books and DVDs. I can't face tackling the clothes yet...

Had a very fun trip to Ikea on Saturday morning to get some of the necessary furniture and bedding bits but I'm also on the prowl for some quirky old antique things to decorate with. We're looking at going to a car boot on Sunday to nose around for some bits n pieces. I've been hunting online but I still haven't found an old wooden chest :(.

Often look to the Vintage Vixen for inspiration, if you haven't seen her blog already check it out, she finds the most incredible bargains at jumble sales and car boots in the UK and I LOVE her house. Read her blog HERE.

Looking forward to finally moving, catching up on sleep and having cosy nights in with the girls (and lots of raucous pre-drinking before nights out dancing!). 

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