Sunday, 2 October 2011

A day in Hartley Wintney

To start what was a lovely weekend Mum and I drove down to Hartley Wintney (with the roof down, hooray!) for tea and antique browsing. She wanted to show me a place she had been to the week before, an old hotel that is now a tea room with all the upstairs rooms filled with antiques, vintage clothes and nick nacks. It was awesome and made for such an interesting day out.

Afterwards we went into the village and visited The Limes, the oldest building in the village from the 1700s which is now a furniture and antique shop. Some of the rooms still had old 60s/70s wallpaper on them - the bathroom was black and silver and had a Barbie-esque pink vintage bathroom suite! However, the floors were so uneven it made you feel sea sick - and there was something a little bit sinister about it.. but made it all the more interesting!

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Uliana said...

Sounds like an interesting walk :)