Thursday, 28 July 2011

Short and sweet

I've not been very good on the blogging front this week - things are a little bit manic! But it's all a good thing. Some exciting things possibly coming up which I will share soon.

So I'll share some music for now, loving Into the Mystic at the moment (Van Morrison's version). I love VM, always feel chilled when I listen to him (or very summery and happy when I listen to Brown Eyed Girl). Enjoy x

Oh - and check out this mirror I bought for £2 at this hippy shop Froucy got my Peace rainbow mobile from (it's in my photos from Download in June if you're interested!). We walked past it on the way to High Voltage and ended up leaving with this skull mirror and Froucy bought a string of huge wooden skulls - which then ended up falling out of her bag at various points throughout the day, much to our amusement. It's an awesome shop.

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