Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Boots 'n Rings

Ohhhh hiii, look what arrived today. My latest boot purchase, I had to have them obviously. The nubuck leather is so lovely and smells amazing. I feel very Brian Jones when I put them on, something about the shape, mm mm.

I also bought two lovely rings from Sonisphere Festival this weekend, we always love checking out the steel jewellery stalls. At Download I bought an awesome skull head belly bar but I have no pictures of that. The skull ring I bought at Sonisphere is very Great Frog-esque and the amber gem ring reminds me of the rings that my Granny wears, I love it. Speaking of The Great Frog the girls at work very generously gave me a voucher to buy something new from there so I am looking forward to making a trip up to Carnaby Street soon and picking something out.

Excuse my gnarly sun-freckled hands. Gosh I wonder how they'll look when I'm actually old!


lucylu. said...

ooh I love the skull ring, that's amazing! x


Lucia said...

these are just the best boots. i have recently ordered them from topshop.com too but waiting for them to arrive! the second i saw them i thought of brian jones too! xx