Thursday, 9 August 2012

Wellbeing: Yoga = Saviour?

Without going into detail, I'm not having a great time at the moment. I have now done something about it, but another way I am trying to work myself out is by taking up Yoga after reading an article my mum gave to me on the massive benefits to be gained from this spiritual form of exercise. I have to recommend it to you. 

I have started hot yoga, in a studio that is heated to 42 degrees (that is bloody hot) during the class. I trained to be a dancer for a good eleven years or so of my life, but after stopping my classes at the age of 17 I also stopped exercising and lost all of my flexibility. So my first class was a bit of a struggle, lots of cracking and stretching but a couple of weeks in I already feel like it will make such a difference. It is also a chance to completely forget about all the thoughts racing through your head, to breathe properly and relax.

The hot yoga is a chance to flex, focus and relax two times a week. And then there is hot Pilates. This is a different ball game - it is based on Yoga but it is all about toning and strength. It is incredibly hard work and I am still a bit of a wimp at powering through but over time Pilates will help to build a toned and lean (machine) body - fingers crossed. I actually felt a little scared before my second class - some of it feels like hell. But it's worth it. 

I was always apprehensive about hot (Bikram) yoga and pilates - but having given it a go I actually find it so liberating. You sweat buckets. Literally, the sweat drips off you and runs into your eyes. Your clothes are soaking, you smell like hell. Your make up comes off, your hair ends up in a sweaty bundle on the top of your head. You sweat all the toxins out of your body, your muscles stretch further. Afterwards - I feel great. For that small section of time in my day I actually feel great. 

Seriously, seriously give Yoga a try. It's given me something to channel my negative energy into, to focus on - and look forward to. And hopefully in a years time I will be as bendy as a snake :P.


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