Monday, 27 August 2012

Expressing my love for The Black Keys

Unfortunately I didn't make it to the Reading Festival this year - unfortunately so as I live a hop and a skip away from the festival site but it was still fun to watch on TV (while you can hear it all outside!). I was disappointed to miss the Foo Fighters (like most people!) but I was also really keen to see The Black Keys. So the disappointment was lessened when they announced a UK tour yesterday morning - December 12th at the o2 I'mma comin'!

I don't usually catch on to many new bands to be honest, you find that most just come and go with the trends, but you get the occasional gem which usually tend to be bands that have been slogging it out for years relatively unknown until they hit the well deserved big time. The Black Keys is one of those bands. I think I like them so much because they have their own distinct sound but are also reminiscent of old school classic sounding rock, particularly love their use of organs and their dirty riffs. I am familiar with and prefer a lot of their newer stuff, like 'Brothers' and  'El Camino' (I like to stress release by dancing around to Gold on the Ceiling like a loony) but I'm working my way through their back catalogue.

Hurry up December 12th! In the meantime, enjoy these (and do dance around like a loony to GOTC, trust me, you'll feel loads better for it :p).

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