Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sunny Crete

Just returned from a lovely holiday to Crete where there was lot of sun, sea and sand. Heaven. Typically for me, I didn't completely relax unfortunately as I have way too much on my anxious brain at the moment but this was the perfect remedy for seven days. The area was a lot more tourist-y than we expected (not really our bag) but we were a stones throw from the beach and we also found a great little beach bar with a band that played loads of classic rock songs. One night we sat down to dinner with my/our favourite song Nothing Else Matters playing, so we had found the right place! We also stumbled across the Crete Hells Angels HQ by accident which I bloody loved. Oh - and there were so many cats and kittens - LOVED IT! Take me back.

My holiday song <3 center="center">

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eliz said...

Beautiful I love the beach...great pictures your red short top is adorable.