Sunday, 14 August 2011

Posietint Love

Happy Weekend everyone!

I've been working hard this weekend - but it's so enjoyable. Lots of newness on the Little Wing website which I'll post later. Also had a bit of a play around with my layout, I love how many times I end up going to back to the Marianne image I started out with ages ago - can't beat it obviously!

I never usually post about make up but I'm championing a particular product at the moment - so much that I think everyone should buy a pot! It's Posietint from Benefit. I used to use Benetint, which was lovely but I much prefer the consistency and shade of Posietint. It works as a lovely stain for your cheeks and lips and it really perks up your complexion even with minimal make up.

Love love love (but I don't know how well it shows in this pic. PS. I'm wearing a new Little Wing earring too).

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Betty Bird said...

You have very beatiful features of soft, pretty and womanship!!