Sunday, 9 September 2012

Paisley PJs

I'm not normally a trend-sheep, but one current fad I'm definitely into is wearing PJs as normal clothes. Spending my days in my slob-wear is fine by me. I came across a great pair of red paisley pyjamas in River Island and decided to do a little bit of DIY on them. The shirt remained untouched as it was pretty much my ideal shirt to start with (my love for shirts and blouses is getting a little out of hand, I had a count recently and I think my collection is now up to around 40. I'm sure that must be bad...), and I took my scissors to the trousers to turn them into a pair of shorts - just snip the legs off, double turn up the ends and hem!

Et voila. I made two outfits using the PJs this weekend. I'm not one to waste a great fabric so I kept the legs of the trousers and made them into an Ascot scarf, I've been after one for a while so it was ideal. Hooray for PJllamas!

(terrible photo but you get the jist)

You can buy them here and here

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