Wednesday, 25 January 2012


I have only just joined Pinterest but I'm already obsessed. It's a (in some way) lifesaver!

I spend the majority of my free time hunting for inspiration for projects and I've ended up using up most of my computer memory on saving images - and then there's the hassle of trying to source and save all of the credits - which often never happens. So when I found Pinterest I was over the moon. Find an image online? Pin it straight away to one of your boards and it saves the source for you. And then when you need to use them they're right there to swipe and source. Online mood boards - I am so excited by this website!


coxy said...

i'm on the waiting list, what's that all about!?

Elle said...

You won't be on it for long, I had to join the waiting list but it only took a day or two :) xxx