Monday, 16 January 2012

Fanny's Antiques

This weekend I paid a visit to Fanny's Antiques, an antique shop tucked away in a residential road round the corner from my house. It's a bit of a treasure trove, full of interesting pieces of old furniture and the prices are really reasonable.

A while back I blogged about wanting to find an old chest for my new bedroom... and I think this is the one (the chest on the bottom)!

It's such a great piece of furniture, my search is over! I'm praying that it will still be there when I get paid at the end of the month. I have to have it.

Here are a couple of other pieces I really liked, if I had my own house to myself I would most certainly be buying them, for now they are in my mental future-house wish list. Although I think I will definitly buy the retro 60s chair for my dressing table as it's only £25!

Speaking of interiors, I spent most of the day yesterday de-cluttering my room, adding extra pillows to make my bed cosy, framing my Samantha Morris 'Keep Glam and Rock On' print (a very fun Christmas present!) and clearing out cupboards and draws in preparation for my boyfriend moving in (there is literally nowhere for him to keep his clothes.. I have used all available space) - and it's amazing how a massive clear out can change your mood. I had a great night's sleep and woke up feeling a lot less negative. I spent the first two weeks of the new year feeling miserable and negative (and surrounded by clutter and mess). I took that away and re-arranged my room in the hope that the change would also change my 'mind-clutter' and so far it has worked. My own Feng Shui.

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