Sunday, 28 November 2010

perfume - the cheat's way

Thought I'd share with you.. a few years ago I bout the 'True Pink' perfume from Marks and Spencer and to my surprise found that it was almost exactly the same scent as the Lacoste Touch of Pink perfume I had before then. The next perfume I bought was 'True Red' - which smelled just Hugo Boss Deep Red. I started to realise that Marks and Spencer obviously had a bit of a perfume-clone collection, even the bottles are very similar. 

Then, on Friday as I was walking home, I passed thorough M&S, had a look in their Christmas gift section and saw 'Azure Breeze'. The bottle looked exactly like the Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue bottle, one of my favourite perfumes and my 'scent' from when I first started seeing my boyfriend. I tried the tester and lo and behold, it was exactly the same. And only £6 for a handbag sized bottle! I was pleased as punch, as I can't afford to purchase new bottles when I run out. When I saw my boyfriend that evening and he smelled my perfume he thought I had bought some more 'old school' Light Blue!

I have read that the Isis perfume is the same as Issey Miyake and that Autograph and another of the fragrances are very similar to Chanel perfumes. They also do most of the fragrances in miniature bottles that you can hang on the Christmas tree for only £3.50. 

I'm not usually a fan of rip-offs, but when I can get my favourite scent for only £6 I am willing to re-consider. The fragrance obviously doesn't last as long as a perfume as they are all eau de toilette but for a cheap perfume they smell surprisingly expensive. Go and have a try!

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