Sunday, 28 November 2010


On Friday evening I was lucky enough to be in the audience for the Business of Fashion 'Fashion Pioneers' interview with Nick Knight, iconic photographer and founder of SHOWstudio.
The interview was really interesting, and inspiring (although dare I say it, I didn't really care for his pompous attitude - particularly when asked the advice he would give to his young self from the experience he has gained, he simply said he could only answer that question as advice to someone else and went on to imply that he knew it all even when he started...)
However, arrogant manner aside, I was inspired by what he had to say. Particularly his comments on the narrow view of beauty in the fashion world and how the fashion world excludes 'normal' people. Great to hear this coming from one of fashion's most influential photographers. I sat there wishing I had heard this interview before writing my final year dissertation at university, which was based on that very topic.

"Fashion is so frustratingly narrow when it comes to the parameters of accepted beauty. You have to have alternatives" 

The interview was streamed live online but the recording should be available to watch online this week, I would recommend.

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