Monday, 13 September 2010

"They're bloody cardboard!"

So today was the first day off my week off work and I have to say I still felt stressed and anxious - because I was worried about work, lame huh? Off on a mini break with the boyfriend tomorrow though so hopefully I will be able to leave all the worries behind! Today was fun though, went to a theme park for some scary ride action, always a laugh although I think I've damaged my ears after a severe head bashing on one of them....

On another note, yesterday I discovered what is now (aside from the legendary Spinal Tap episode!) my favourite Simpsons episode - absolutely BRILLIANT! (I'm sorry to continually bore you with mentions of Keith Richards, I just love him ok? :P)

"It's only Rock and Roll camp!".... "But I like it!" YES!!

Watch it HERE

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