Saturday, 18 September 2010


So today I finally got my first tattoo. I have been wanting to get a tattoo based around the song 'Stone Free' for ages now, and seeing as today is the 40th anniversary of Hendrix's death I though it would be a pretty suitable date to get it. 

It's not really about him though as such. Stone Free really motivates me (check out the lyrics and you will see) to not worry so much about doing the right thing, what other people think etc (all to do with the anxiety issues I have that have been pretty overshadowing over the last few years - but I won't go into a typical ohhhh this is so meaningful tattoo story lol). The feather symbolises the freedom part (and is also a 'Little Wing' nod to the Hendrix theme) Yes, I really thought this through!

So there ya go. I was very anxious about it because although I have a pretty good tolerance for pain I have always had a fear of needles, so I did feel pretty sick when I woke up in anticipation of the 'unbearable pain' stories I had heard about rib tattoos. But it really wasn't that bad, after a while it started to really sting because my skin didn't take the ink very well so she had to go over the same lines again and again. Nothing that a couple of 'fucks' and plenty of silly face pulling didn't sort out! At the most painful point I actually laughed which is good!

So here is the finished item, by the lovely Hannah at Eternal Nirvana. I was originally planning a bigger design but went for something a bit more compact and simple in the end, was just right. 

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