Friday, 30 December 2011

Don't let the bells end

Ohh it's so sad when Christmas is over! But there's always New Years Eve to look forward to.

As seems to be tradition (for the last few years) I was ill over Christmas with a  horrible cold and spent most of Boxing Day and the days after on the sofa. But aside from that it was lovely and always great to spend time with family. My mum spoiled us as always (until we have kids of our own we will have stockings every year!) and I was chuffed to get a new vinyl player from my Dad, I've been looking for a decent one for months so my records will no longer just sit on the shelf. It's so much more satisfying to listen to old music the way it was originally played!

I love this white lace top, I picked it up for 6 quid when I was showing Little Wing at the vintage fair, I thought it was nice and Christmassy (in a non red and gold way...) but I teamed it with pleather trousers. Love my pleather.

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