Monday, 13 December 2010


with The Kooples

Oh so cool, Saville Row inspired fashion brand "The Kooples gathers its inspiration from the codes of rock, from music, but with its own signature traits that only truly belong in 2010."

This is like my dream fashion brand. 

"The Kooples brand found its name through two concepts: couples and rock bands. Think of The Kooples as a band obsessed with the idea of couples, but The Kooples is above all about style, a style that’s deeply rooted in the greatest couples of music history."
"The first couple you’ll think of as you stroll passed the window front of a The Kooples boutique is the Jane Berkin / Serge Gainsbourg duo. Her trademark bangs and long hair, his graying six o’clock shadow. Her pea coat worn with a mini skirt, his long sleeved denim shirt with a black-striped tennis jacket. Her tank top and suspenders are revealed through an open neck lined sweater, and his signature white Repettos, no socks. If you have a wicker basket for her and a pack of cigarettes for him, you’ll be irrefutably paying homage to their look when you go shopping at The Kooples. There are many other couples that have left their mark. Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards for example. Pallenberg can be remembered for her short shorts and large belt buckles, while Richards transformed scarves and jewellery into accessories that could also be worn by men. While were on the topic of the stones, let’s talk about Mick Jagger and his first muse, Marianne Faithfull. At the time Faithfull tallied on her youthful innocence, her blonde hair highlighted by the sober and petite black coats she wore. However, don’t get wrapped up in that innocent image: alongside Jagger – that often wore the now ubiquitous, slim fitting jeans and pointy shoes – they were to indulge in less mainstream forms of behavior."

And the French brand is slowly taking over the London high street with stores in Kings Road, Carnaby Street and soon to be in St Christopher's Place, this is very exciting indeed. And what a fabulous advertising campaign, they even have videos of the couples on the website talking through how they met etc. 

Anyway, I'll leave you to lust over the fit Kooples-couples imagery like I am. I have never been this excited over a brand..

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